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Abdoul Muyjambere


Trained in 2010 at the National University of Rwanda with the Inshoza company, Abdoul is part of the Amizeo company under the direction of Wesley Ruzibiza.

Since 2014, he has been creating his own work, between dance, performance and visual arts: Face off, then in 2016 Rencontre, Mémoire qui tourne toujours followed in 2017 by The Videotape. In 2016, he took part in an initial training program at Ecole des Sables, before returning there in January 2020, as part of a one-month training program set up by PARTS-Brussels (STUDIO program). There, he worked with Nadia Beugré, Qudus Onikeku, Patrick Acogny and Ntone Edjabe... He also collaborated with other companies such as Mashirika Performing Art and Media Company (Rwanda), Ishyo Arts Center (Rwanda) and Anjolombala (Madagascar).

As a visual artist, Abdoul explores themes such as beauty and identity. His recent films, videos and installations include A letter to Cecilia (2018), Urumuri (2018, selection, NY African Film Festival), Tana Love (2019), Diego Angels(2019) and Chagos (2019).

In 2020, in the midst of COVID, he received support from the African Culture Fund and Africalia to produce two films, Blues and Kigali on the Horizon, and received the Seed Award from the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development (2021).

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