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Alain Mahé


Alain Mahé develops electroacoustic and electronic music. Founder of the Bohème de Chic band, he also collaborates with Jean-François Pauvros, Carlos Zingaro, Carol Robinson, Kamal Hamadache, Thierry Madiot, Pascal Battus, Emmanuelle Tat, Patrick Molard, Keyvan Chemirani, Hélène Breshant, Bao Luo...

Alain Mahé composes radio plays as well as music and sound creations for the performing arts, working with stage director François Tanguy, Pierre Meunier, choreographers Carlotta Ikeda, Ko Murobushi, François Verret, the painter Miquel Barcelò and Josef Nadj on Paso doble, Nan Goldin on Soeurs saintes & Sybilles and Scopophilia. Other collaborations include Pierre Meunier's shows: Le Chant du ressort, Le Tas, Les Egarés... He also composes and performs with visual artist Michel Caron and draughtsman Vincent Fortemps.

His collaborations with Dorothée Munyaneza also include Unwanted and Samedi détente.

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