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Maya Mihindou

Maya Mihindou was born in Gabon in 1984. A self-taught artist, she learned about images through illustration, which led her to discover the world of publishing and printing.

Drawing allows her to tackle the question of precarious, uprooted, fragile and shifting identities. Her photography, which she pursues in parallel, extends these reflections through reportage (in Mexico, Cameroon, Burundi and Gabon), travel and more personal projects.

Since 2012, she has been collecting words and sensory images around bereavement and is working on a series of portraits entitled "People tree".

Since 2014, she has been contributing articles and producing portraits, reports and interviews for the magazine Ballast. She also documents the work of other artists, in both photography and video.

Now based in Marseille, she has worked with Dorothée Munyaneza on a number of occasions, most recently in 2023-24 on the Avec elles project with women living in the Castellane district of Marseille.

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