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Avec elles

Discussions and sharing with women

of the Castellane housing estate




Building on L'Autre (2019), a creation process supported in 2019 by the Festival de Marseille, Dorothée and Maya Mihindou have continued the dialogue with women residents of La Castellane.

Gathering intimate and family stories, collective memories and individual journeys, they weaved delicate threads to bring out words and make sparks fly.

In October-November 2023, four workshops were proposed at La Castellane, culminating in three days of sharing at the Camargo Foundation from 18 to 21 December.


Artistic direction: Dorothée Munyaneza

Artistic collaboration: Maya Mihindou

With Nora Bennai, Malika Boumeraou, Nadia Choulak, Sabrina Mhelleb and other members of the Castellane Centre

Supported by the Camargo Foundation Cassis

In collaboration with the Castellane Social and Cultural Centre

Je ne suis pas de la montage, a booklet by Maya Mihindou, gives an insight on this collective journey.

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