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Chaillot Colo in Kigali




During a week, Chaillot Colo welcomed at the Institut français du Rwanda a group of teenagers from the Memorial Centre in Gisimba. The three artists involved - choreographer Dorothée Munyaneza, dancer Impakanizi,  and urban planner and architect Nicolas Détrie - developed a collective and creative approach around the body: the body in movement through dance, the body in effort, the body in the city, in the social space...


What do we need to inhabit a space? How and what are the conditions to live together? Explored collectively, these questions serve as starting points to exchange ideas in order to build with local materials a dream city that met the needs, aspirations and values of the participants.


Co-produced by Chaillot Théâtre National de la danse, with the support of the Institut français du Rwanda and the Gisimba Memorial Centre.

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